How to Throw a Charming Fall Harvest Party

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Do you feel it – the crisper, cooler mornings, the pleasantly warm evenings? Fall is right around the corner and about change our wardrobe from flip flops and tank tops for pullovers and plush scarves. Don’t worry, a little more patience and you’ll finally get your pumpkin spice latte!

Fall is the beginning of another exciting time for us all – the beginning of many get-togethers and parties to celebrate the holidays. Whether you celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s as your preferred time of celebration, one thing is for certain – if you’re planning on throwing a party you’re going to want it to be as cozy as possible!

Sure, of course there will be food and drinks and all the latest jams, but we think you could use an extra dash of the charmingly unique to make your next fall party the hit of the season.

Pumpkins as Snack Bowls

Did you think we were going to talk about Jack-O-Lanterns? You already know about those! A more clever and practical way to use pumpkins is turn them into party snack bowls!

It’s super easy. Just go buy a few pumpkins of appropriate size. Next, cut the tops off and then hollow out the insides. Wash thoroughly and let dry. Now you can line the inside with cellophane or tin foil and then pour in your favorite bag of snacks. Oh and don’t forget that you can make pumpkin pie with the filling you took out!

There’s Nothing Like a Fire

Just because it’s not summer anymore doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors. A fire is one of the tenants of any successful party. There’s just something about those dancing flames and orange glow that makes everyone gather around to share something special.

Make sure you have enough fuel on hand to last the night. A delicious idea is to have marshmallows with skewers on hand – a yummy treat that will keep people coming back for more.

Hay Bales for Seating

Once you have your fire going your guests will wader towards it like moths to a flame. But where will they sit? You could opt to dust off all those folding chairs or drag out the dining room seating set, but this is fall – get creative!

Seating can be simple and fun by using hay bales. You can purchase hay bales usually for less than $10 apiece. Most bales are wide enough that they can sit two people per, so you know what that means – more opportunities to get cozy and get conversation going. Just make sure you keep those bales away from your fire!

Blankets Within Reach

Bet you never went to a party where it was cool to cozy up, right? Make your party different by keeping it super casual. After all, fall is supposed to be about keeping warm and finding comfort in the little things. One of the easiest ways to make your party guests feel at home is to keep a lot of throw blankets around draped over couches, arm-chairs, and more. They might need a little encouragement, but once one of them dives in you’re sure going to have a lot of blankets to fold the next day. Make sure they are extra fluffy!

Need More Fall Design Fall Ideas?

These charming party ideas for fall are affordable, unique, and sure to charm your guests. What about the rest of the season and year? Check out our store for more interior design ideas that will make your home fashionable not only for fall, but the whole year around.

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