3 Tenants of Interior Design

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Welcome! If you’re reading this you’re probably in the hunt for a perfect accent piece to bring your whole room together or you’re just looking for some guidance as to how you can best put together an ensemble that looks great but doesn’t break your bank.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, an apartment, dorm, or are simply trying to reimagine a space that you know has had potential for so long, playing interior decorator can be a challenge. How do they do it?

While there are professionals who have an innate sense of what looks good – a natural eye you’d say, even they have had to learn the basic principles that continue to guide those seeking to create an irresistible space. Read on to find out more about how function, mood, and personality are the three tenants of interior design you should follow immediately.

Does it Function?

Your interior design efforts should always start with function. What is your intention for the room? Will it be personal study space? Will you host in it? Store collectibles? Will it be an extra guest room or a game room? Having an intention for the room will make it easier to design it with function in mind. Avoid trying to fit bulky furniture or unnecessary items that don’t serve to enhance the function of the space. Always consider the layout and how conducive it is to foot traffic coming in and out of the room.

Does it Set the Mood?

Setting the mood is all about creating feeling. You achieve feeling through mood by carefully selecting color, style, and texture. If you want a feeling of cleanness and centeredness you might make sure to use flat color combinations, keep your accessories minimalistic and simple, while also making certain there is plenty of open space in the room. If what you’re after is more of a warm, inviting, cozy feel you might make sure you decorate with pillows, rugs, blankets, books, and furniture that begs to be lounged on during a rainy day. Whatever mood you’re after, you’ll know you’ve achieved when how it looks matches how you want it to feel.

Does it have Personality?

The first two principals have set you up for this one – personality. This is your opportunity to make the space not only one that functions and has mood, but one that undoubtedly te3lls everyone who you are. You don’t have to think about it too hard. If you’re a musician you might put an instrument on display along with a record player. A photographer might put personal works in wall collage for visitors viewing pleasure. Also, family heirlooms or antiques are great conversation pieces that speak to where you’ve come from. Additionally, a great way to make a space personal is to do something unexpected. Perhaps you ceiling is painted, a chandelier hangs, or you have hidden, recessed lighting that makes people go “wow!” when they experience it. Do something that your friends, family, and visitors will be hard pressed to forget!

With these basic tenants of interior design you can get to work making your bedroom pop, or your next house one you and others love being in. For more ideas to design your space, visit our Urbanology line to view our select line of home furnishing products.

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